HMI / MMI Hardware

From the simplest display panel, through dialogue stations to the
most sophisticated control terminals, you will always find the ideal
Magelis terminal for your automation system.
• Alphanumeric LCD or fluorescent,
• Graphical matrix
• Monochrome or color screen
• Even touch-sensitive types
The graphics terminals within the Magelis range incorporate a symbols library so that customized, animated mimic diagrams and operating screens may be designed and implemented very easily.
  Magelis iPC

The modular design of Magelis Modular iPC industrial PCs offers users' total flexibility when developing their applications. Telemecanique's new Magelis Smart and Compact iPC industrial PCs complement the range, characterized by their compactness, simplicity and easy set up. Used in conjunction with Telemecanique's software products and Web servers, the Magelis iPC offer provides a complete HMI solution that is smarter and more intelligent, yet even easier to set up and operate.
   PLC Software
Concept is Schneider's universal IEC 1131-3

Concept includes all necessary tools for
PLC Configuration
Network Configuration
PLC programming
PLC Simulation
Application Simulation / Debugging
Full support of all 5 IEC 1131-3 languages
• Instruction List (IL)
• Structured Text (ST)
• Function Block Diagram (FBD)
• IEC Ladder (LD)
• Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
 PL7 Programming Software


The simple high-performance solution
Intended for Modicon, Telemecanique
Micro and Premium platforms
- PL7 Micro
- PL7 Junior
- PL7 Pro
PLC configuration, Network configuration
PLC Programming and Simulation
Application Simulation/Debugging
Running under off-the-shelf Windows 95/98/2000/XP and Windows NT4.0
On-line Modification
Full support of all 5 IEC 1131-3 languages
• Instruction List (IL)
• Structured Text (ST)
• Function Block Diagram (FBD)
• IEC Ladder (LD)
• Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  Unity Pro

Unity includes all necessary tools for PLC Configuration, Network Configuration, PLC programming, PLC Simulation
•  Integrated PL7 and Concept converters
•  Automatic generation of synchronization variables on Ethernet (Global Data)
•  5 native IEC61131-3 languages: Instruction List (IL), Structured Text (ST), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Ladder (LD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
•  Integration and synchronization of program editors, data, user function blocks
•  Automation of repetitive tasks using VBA macros
•  Direct access to the application via functional views
•  Hyperlinks for integrating specific documents and software
•  Graphic operator screens that are animated by parameter entry
•  Simulation of the PLC application program on PC
•  All debugging tools are integrated and available during simulation
•  Dynamic animation of the program and variables
•  Hot Standby normal/standby configuration
•  Event-based traceability

    HMI / MMI Software
  Monitor Pro
Monitor Pro Version 7 is a multi-user real-time SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software solution for manufacturing and process automation.
•  Real Time Database Connectivity : provides important SCADA functionality such as historical data, alarming and statistical process control.
•  Standard Technologies: based on a set of widely accepted industry standard technologies, including ActiveX, COM/DCOM, OPC and Windows DNA. This results in improved interoperability, lower integration costs and reduced training costs.
•  Integrated with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0: allowing you to meet the requirements of the most demanding database applications with minimal configuration effort.
•  Increase Productivity With either OFS Linker or Symbol Database Linker, tags can be dragged to any editor in the system, minimizing typing and increasing productivity.
•  Multi-Tier Architecture – The Foundation for Success Monitor Pro Version 7 is built on multi-tier architecture that incorporates three distinct functions; data storage, data processing, and user interface
•  Client Builder provides a rich set of drawing and animation tools, including: Object Oriented Graphics, Pan and Zoom, Layering, Standard Object Libraries, ActiveX Container, Trending or alarming screen shot inside Client Builder, OPC Client, Alarming, Trending and Data Browsing, External Data Import
  Vijeo Look

Vijeo Look is a SCADA (Supervision Control And Data Acquisition) software package for stand-alone stations. It is based on open and standardized technologies.
•  Easy-to-implement, it offers all the standard functions of a graphic supervision tool.
•  Supplied with a pre-configured OFS (OPC Factory Server) Data Server.
•  Interfaces easily with industrial software such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) systems as well as with commonplace office software packages.
•  The functions of Vijeo Look supervision software can be used for: Acquisition of PLC tags, Visualization of these tags, Process supervision and control, Recording of the values of the PLC tags or internal tags of the process in a database, Embedded software processing.
•  Standards built-in following: OPC interface and OFS Data Server software for communication and exchange of data between PLCs and applications, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application software for data processing, ActiveX Data Object interface for linking to the majority of databases on the market.

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