Storage Solution

  • Monitoring Oil and Gas inventory
  • Custody transfer
  • Servo-Radar ATG, Multi Temperature Sensor/Probe, pressure and density measurement, interfacing
  • Level measurement

Loading Solution

  • Oil and Gas Terminal Loading System
  • Batch Controller, Loading Controller
  • Additive Injector, Dry Injector
  • Pump Skid
  • Terminal Automation System (TAS)

Calibration and Verification

  • Small Volume Provers (SVP), Compact Provers
  • Hermetic gauging and Sampling

Service Business & After Sales Service Support

  • Supervisory for installation
  • Commissioning & Testing
  • ATG Calibration and Health Check-up
  • Service Contract, Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Corrective Maintenance (CM)

Fuel Pipe Line Transmission (FPT) : Additive Injector System

Injection System Improvement Project (Phase I & II)
Location : Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
Scope of Supply : 
Designed and Installation with Provided Additive injector, Pump skid and TAS system

LPG Tank

Location :  ALL LPG Terminal in Thailand
Scope of Supply : 
Servo Gauge ATG, Level, Tempearture and Density measurement with Inventory Management System

Thaioil Now Lorry and LLTE Project

Location : Chonburi 
Scope of Supply : 
Provided ATG, CIU and upgrade tank inventory system