Tank Level System

854ATG Servo Gauge with SIL certified

Setting The Standard in Gauging, Reliable, Versatile

and Accurate, Meet all international standard

The gauge is multi-functional for liquid level and integrates density and (free) water interface level measurement with highest accuracy.

990 Fleline Smart Radar with TRL2 Protocol option & SIL certified for safe operation.

Precise, Reliable, Safe tank measurement

No drift ambient temperature effects. Custody and inventory control measurement as per API MPMS Ch. 3.1B recommendations.

Loading Automation

Fusion4 MSC-L

Custody-transfer approved loading for up to 24 meter streams simultaneously for road loading, rail, marine and tank farm operations.​​​​​​​​

Fusion4 Mini Pak

Is designed for load rack and pipeline additive applications accuracy, audit trail, customer and regulatory compliance requirements.

Portable Gauging and Sampling Tools

Portable closed gauging

Is a portable electronic level gauge for closed gas tight operation resulting in increased safety and efficiency.

Portable Sampling Solutions

Easy installation on 2-inch vapor control valves with quick connect coupling. The collected sample can be transferred into a laboratory bottle and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The sampler can bedelivered with any of the available zone, spot, bottom or running sampling bottles, depending on user needs.

Tank Inventory System

Entis Pro

Inventory control, custody transfer, oil movement and tank farm operations within a refinery or storage terminal.

CIU 888 R101

The next generation CIU for reliable, accurate gauge and inventory data.

Portable Enraf Service Tools

Portable Enraf Terminal

Configure, commission, test and service Honeywell Enrafs 854 and 877 series tank gauges without opening them, robust, waterproof (IP65) and intrinsically safe.

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